Glasgow tube stations get mobile reception

Are virtual 3D mobile phones the future on the tube?
Are virtual 3D mobile phones the future on the tube?

Ever wished you could make a mobile call on the tube? Well now you can.

Providing you are on the O2 network and also live in Glasgow, that is.

Muted reception in the TechRadar office to this news today, as we are not sure whether or not we should be celebrating or commiserating the unstoppable march of mobile reception into areas where we were previously spared from overhearing the (usually) inane drivel of our public transport compatriots.

Scots beat English

The Scots get it first, too. Which makes a nice change, with O2 introducing mobile reception to the five busiest platforms in Glasgow - Buchanan Street, St Enoch, Partick, Hillhead and Govan.

If the trial is successful then we should be seeing this rolled out in London in no time.

TechRadar has contacted Transport for London (TfL) today for updates on that front.

UPDATE - A TfL spokesman told TechRadar:

"London Underground tendered for a trial of mobile phones on the Waterloo and City line, but the market has yet to provide us with a credible proposal for enabling mobile phone use on the Tube.

"While it is technically possible to deploy mobile phone and data wireless solutions on the deep level Underground tunnels and stations, the unique nature and environment of the Tube mean that project costs would be prohibitively high at this time."

Adam Hartley