ViewSonic to show 10-inch dual-boot Windows tablet

ViewSonic ViewPad
ViewSonic ViewPad

ViewSonic will show off a 7-inch Android tablet at IFA called the ViewPad 7, alongside an Intel-based 10-inch tablet that will dual-boot Windows and Android.

The Californian manufacturer is keen to resurrect the ViewPad brand, which was operating as far back as 2002, and hopes that its latest offerings can impress when they are shown off at IFA.

"The ViewPad 7, a 7" Android tablet with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, access to thousands of applications and front and back-facing cameras will be previewed for the first time in Europe," said ViewSonic's release.


"The ViewPad 7 also features assisted GPS, a Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth, G-Sensor and USB connectivity, making the device a compact lightweight companion that has a lot to offer," it continued.

Although intriguing, this product sounds very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is also making its debut at IFA, but the next line of ViewSonic's release teases another tablet.


"ViewSonic will also be previewing a new Intel-based 10-inch tablet with dual boot Microsoft and Android operating systems."

Although dual-boot is not a new idea, the prospect of a 10-inch tablet with both Windows and Android is an intriguing one, with the assumption that the Microsoft OS will be Windows 7 rather than CE or the forthcoming Windows Phone 7.

IFA, we hope, will reveal much more.

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