Doubts over Fusion Garage and Grid 10's future

Doubts over Fusion Garage and Grid 10's future
Grid 10 goes off the grid

Fusion Garage, the company behind the JooJoo tablet and the Grid 10, has gone silent over rumours that its future is uncertain.

Fusion Garage tried to make a massive fuss over the arrival of the Grid 10 earlier this year by launching a secret marketing campaign under the guise of TabCo.

While there was much rumour and speculation over which company was behind TabCo, it emerged that it was Fusion Garage – who used the PR stunt to unveil the Grid10, a new Android tablet with a decidedly different user interface.

This announcement, however, was drowned out by the news that Google has acquired Motorola Mobility.

Tablet talk

Since then, the company had hoped to begin selling the Grid 10 in the US in October but Engadget is reporting that many haven't received their tablets after placing an order.

Then the company's website went down over the weekend, with many speculating this could be down to problems Fusion Garage has been having with stock quotas.

The site is now back up with a note on the product page explaining: "We are running out of stock. Thank you."

Fusion Garage's silence has been compounded with the fact that it has parted company with its PR company, which said about the split: "Unfortunately, none of our efforts have resulted in any communication from the company to the customers. Given all of this, we don't have any other choice but to cease working with FG effective tomorrow."

Both Fusion Garage's Twitter and Facebook pages are full of comments regarding Fusion Garage's lack of a response over the non-arrival of the Grid 10.

Fusion Garage had hoped the Grid 10 would bring consumers back to a company which had burned them with the disappointing JooJoo tablet.

In our Hands on: Fusion Garage Grid 10 review we felt that it actually wasn't that bad a tablet and one that when released may actually kick-start the budget Android tablet market.

That's if it is ever released at all.

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