MIUI 12.5 announced; here are the top new features

MIUI 12.5
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Xiaomi’s MIUI skin is one of the most popular Android skins out there. It is not only available for Xiaomi phones but also a bunch of other non-Xiaomi phones as ROM. At the Xiaomi Mi 11 launch last evening in China, the company announced MIUI 12.5, which is an incremental upgrade over MIUI 12 which arrived earlier this year. 


1. New super wallpapers

2. Privacy and security

3. Natural notifications sound 

4. Memory Management

5. MIUI+

6. Others

The MIUI 12.5 update brings much more privacy-centric features, app optimizations, notification improvements and some minor visual improvements. The new skin update also brings a new feature called MIUI+ which enables to mirror your phone to a Windows PC. Here is the list of all the new features that MIUI 12.5 brings to the table.

MIUI 12.5 features

Super Wallpapers

Let’s starts with some of the visual features. The Super wallpapers on MIUI 12 was one of of the best features. The ultra-high-resolution, dynamic wallpapers of the Earth and Mars were really great. With MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi is adding more dynamic wallpapers such as snow mountain which is from from the peak of Siguniang Mountain, Sichuan. The render shows light, shadow and clouds in real-time on the phone. Some of the other wallpapers include Shipwreck Bay in Greece and Blade's Edge Mountain in Italy. 

Privacy and security

MIUI 12.5

(Image credit: MIUI 12.5)

MIUI 12 offered a system-wide privacy and security alert features that will inform the users when an app or service is using the phone's camera, microphone, storage, gallery, location in the background and notify the users. MIUI 12.5 adds more privacy and security features to the skin. It adds a few new features - Clipboard privacy protection which shows which app is reading clipboard details. It enables the sandbox mechanism and web privacy protection. It will also prevent apps from using private data and location history. 


MIUI 12.5

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For audio, MIUI 12.5 has added natural notification sounds, which are created with global sound artists. The system notifications now include sounds from American rainforest, Australia, East African grassland, and Circum-Arctic, as well as more than 120 sounds of global creatures. In addition, the new system sound effects are derived from natural elements and stereo surround sound made dual speaker phones.

Memory Management

MIUI 12.5

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As for the system UI, Xiaomi says that they have rewritten the code which is said to reduce memory usage by 20%. Xiaomi also carried out a new project to optimize system apps on MIUI 12.5 which is now more responsive and has a dedicated thread for gestures. On average, MIUI 12.5 will reduce 35% of background memory usage and app power consumption by 25%.


MIUI 12.5

(Image credit: MIUI 12.5)

This new feature makes seamless connectivity between MIUI 12.5 device and Windows 10 PC. You can view mirror notifications, copy text on your mobile phone and paste it directly on your computer, open a screenshot of your mobile phone directly on your computer, and open web pages on your mobile phone on your computer. 


MIUI 12.5’s AI motion algorithm has also undergone changes which result in 20 times the rendering power of the MIUI 12. Apps opening are quick and optimized, making the whole process smoother. Apart from all these, MIUI 12.5 brings a bunch of system-level and application-level optimization. 

MIUI 12.5 devices

The MIUI 12.5 will be available for the following devices - Mi 10 series, Redmi K30 series, Redmi K20 series, Redmi Note 9, Mi 10 Lite, Redmi 10X series, Xiaomi CC 9e/CC9, and Redmi Note 7 series. The public beta for these devices will start from January 2021 while Mi 11, Mi 10, and Mi 10 Ultra/Pro will receive the update in April 2021. 


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