Look good, sound fantastic with B&O PLAY’s latest headphone range


When it comes to finding the right pair of headphones, more often than not you have to make a tough choice: do I go with the ones that look stylish but sound so-so, or the ones that sound fantastic but look, well, functional. 

Thankfully B&O PLAY has taken that choice away, offering a range of headphones that sound fantastic and look just as good. 

For over 90 years now, Bang & Olufsen has created products with a focus on three things: sound, design and craft. B&O PLAY interprets the same values for a new type of contemporary products. So when you buy a B&O PLAY product, you know you are always going to get the highest-quality craftsmanship that only comes from a brand with heritage. 

Sound, design and craft are all apparent in the B&O PLAY range of headphones and earphones, with each series offering up a different way to listen to music - a way that’s flexible to your needs. 

Beoplay E8 and Beoplay E4: in-ear masterclass

We’ll begin with the Beoplay E8s. These true wireless earphones are premium earbuds that are incredibly stylish and extremely state of the art. The Beoplay E8s offer superior sound, intuitive touch control and seamless charging - just pop them in their elegant leather case to charge. They are a perfect fit for the style conscious who want to be free of wires.

The Beoplay E8 true wireless earphone range

The Beoplay E4s are all about noise cancellation. Offering ANC (active noise cancellation), a rarity in in-ear headphones, they are ultra-light, have unparalleled comfort and can go 20 hours on one charge. Even when the charge runs out, you can still use the earphones without their ANC capabilities. 

The Beoplay E4s come with active noise cancellation

Beoplay H9 and Beoplay H4: over-ear wonders

Those who fancy an over-ear setup need look no further than the sumptuous Beoplay H9s. They come with wireless Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound and advanced Active Noise Cancellation for the premium sound. An intuitive aluminium touch interface gives you control over your music and calls. As they are over ear, they offer the ultimate in comfort and have been made out of material that have been built to last - including anodised aluminium and natural, genuine leather. In short, the Beoplay H9s are stunning.

Not to be outdone, the Beoplay H4s offer similar luxury looks but at a reduced price. They still pack in some excellent tech, including up-to 19 hours of battery life, bass-laden sound and super-comfortable leather ear cups. If the charge runs out, don’t fret, as you can use the cord to keep the music flowing – same is the case for Beoplay H9.

The Beoplay H4 range comes with a 19-hour battery life

When it comes to sound quality, you are safe in the knowledge that each one of the range will showcase music as the artist intended as they have all been tuned by the same person who tuned ‘the World’s best speaker’ - the Beolab 90.

The Beoplay E8, E4, H9 and H4 range are available now from Currys.