Lexus RZ teaser gives us our first glimpse at the firm's first dedicated electric car

Lexus has given us our first look at its next EV. Dubbed the Lexus RZ, a 28 second teaser video (which you can see above) shows the exterior styling from a number of angles, but still leaves us with plenty of questions.

The Lexus RZ won't be the first fully electric car from the brand - we've driven the all-electric Lexus UX 300e - but it will be the first Lexus EV built on a dedicated BEV (battery electric vehicle) platform.

In the video teaser, we're shown the Lexus RZ from a variety of angles, and while there's not a huge amount to glean from these candid shots, there are a few nuggets of information we can pull out.

We've spotted what appears to be two charging port covers, one above each of the front wheel arches - we saw this on the UX 300e, and other manufacturers including Audi and Porsche also offer up dual charging ports on their EVs.

What this provides for drivers is greater flexibility when it comes to charging your car, as you don't need to worry about how you're approaching a particular charger - there's going to be a port on the side you need it.

The likelihood is only on of these ports will support the fastest charging connection however, so you may still need to memorize which side is which depending on the charger you're at.

You'll also find Lexus' updated rear design on the RZ, featuring a full-width light bar and a small ducktail spoiler giving the car a modern, sporty edge.

What we don't get any look at is the interior, so questions remain about the styling and tech setup inside.

Lexus RZ teaser image

(Image credit: Lexus)

Analysis: a better base from which to build

As mentioned, we've already driven the first Lexus EV, but the UX 300e failed to really inspire thanks to its lackluster tech offering and cramped cabin.

However, part of the reason for its flaws is down to it using the standard UX base and adapting it to become a fully electric vehicle. Using an existing ICE (internal combustion engine) platform meant Lexus was limited in what it could do and the room in which it had to work.

The exciting news on the Lexus RZ is it will be the first car to use the firm's brand new, dedicated BEV platform. It means the RZ will be a true EV from the ground up, with everything designed with electrification in mind.

This should allow Lexus more flexibility when it comes to cabin dimensions, and will hopefully see the introduction of a new generation of in-car entertainment and tech.

We'll have to wait for more information on the Lexus RZ, but the early signs are promising - if extremely brief.

John McCann
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