Juggling tasks but your PC drops the ball? Don’t get MAD, get AMD

(Image credit: AMD)

Now more than ever, your laptop is one of the most important devices you own. With that in mind, there’s nothing more frustrating than a machine than stutters or slows down when you’re trying to carry out multiple tasks - be it keeping creating content, streaming your favourite shows, or eSports gaming across multiple screens. When life is fast and your laptop’s slow, don’t get MAD, get AMD - after all, multitasking shouldn’t be tasking. 

AMD’s new Ryzen 4000 U-Series Mobile Processors are available now with up to a whopping eight-cores, which means they deliver the most cores available for premium ultrathin laptops. That means you can do more, from anywhere - faster than ever before. Not only do Ryzen 4000 processors over 25% more responsiveness than AMD’s previous mobile CPUs, but the revolutionary 7nm design also makes for faster processing speeds and double the power efficiency of previous-gen processors, which means you’ll enjoy long-lasting battery life from a laptop that shows no signs of slowing down - no matter what you throw at it. 

(Image credit: AMD)

Whether you’re looking for a new lightweight machine for work or play, look no further than a laptop powered by AMD’s Ryzen 4000 U-Series Mobile Processors. With up to 8 powerful “Zen 2” cores the processors ensure ultra-responsive multitasking, whether you’re making use of advanced productivity apps, editing images or video content or juggling video calls with non-stop emails. 

To take your productivity to the next level, the CPUs also offer support for advanced features including Windows Hello, which means you can say goodbye to passwords with AMD Ryzen 4000 Series Mobile Processors. Windows Hello is a super-fast, secure way to unlock your PC and sign in to compatible apps - all you’ll need are biometrics like your face and fingerprint. 

The processors also support Microsoft’s intelligence Cortana assistant and Digital Pen input, allowing you trade in your keyboard and mouse and use your digital pen to take notes, doodle on photos, draw on a map, edit documents, and create presentations. You’ll never need to worry about your security either, with AMD Ryzen™ 4000 Series Mobile Processors also benefiting from the advanced built-in protections that come with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, from phishing protection to device-tracking functionality.  

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AMD’s Ryzen 4000 U-Series Mobile Processors also support the latest Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 standards, which means you can enjoy confident connectedness no matter where you decide to work (or play) and keep your tasks moving while you’re on the go. 

When it’s time for play, AMD’s built-in Radeon Graphics offer powerful graphics so your performance-driven laptop will deliver smooth video streaming, great gaming performance, and the ability to connect multiple monitors, without the need for a bulky GPU. A Ryzen 4000 laptop will enable you to stream your favourite shows in vibrant 4K resolution with HDR and to immerse yourself in smooth, stutter-free eSports gaming - all from your lightweight, ultrathin device. 

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to trade in your four-year-old PC or your previous-generation machine, there’s no doubt that you can work, create, and game faster than ever on a laptop powered by AMD’s Ryzen 4000 U-Series Mobile Processors. With their unrivalled performance, market-leading graphics and 2x improved power efficiency, there’s no better choice on the market today. 

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