Jaguar Land Rover has made a car door which opens itself as you approach

Imagine walking up to your car as your vehicle recognizes your approach and automatically unlocks and opens the door for you - like the warm embrace of a friend you've not seen for a while as you walk towards them. Well, imagine no more, as the folks over at Jaguar Land Rover have done just that.

Currently in prototype phase, the technology has been added to a Ranger Rover Sport and uses motion sensors alongside the firm's current keyless entry system to detect a driver's approach and open their door for them.

Once inside, you'll find a button on the touch screen display to close the door (and reopen it when you reach your destination), saving you leaning out and pulling it closed - a feature which is especially useful in cars with large, heavy doors.

The doors also have radar sensors built in, preventing them from hitting nearby cars, lamp posts or other obstacles, and it can also be programmed to close and lock behind you when you exit the vehicle.

Doors can be opened and closed via the Auto Door menu on the touch screen display

Doors can be opened and closed via the Auto Door menu on the touch screen display

A range of benefits

Jaguar Land Rover has been working with Invictus Games gold medallist Mark Ormrod (pictured above) on developing the technology over six months, which could well play an important role in future vehicles for disabled customers.

It's not just disabled customers that the automatic doors could benefit, as parents carrying child seats, or those with their hands full with shopping or other items would also get easier access to their vehicle.

There's currently no word on when the technology may make it into cars you can buy, and it's not clear how much it'll add to the price tag - but we'll let you know more when it's announced.

John McCann
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