iPhone 9 may be the first phone from Apple to support gigabit LTE and dual SIM

Rumors suggest Apple is working on a dual SIM variant for the next range of iPhones, as well as pushing in some new gigabit LTE technology for faster internet.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities - who has regularly predicted Apple's activity correctly - has shared a report that claims next year's iPhone upgrades will include faster antenna modules.

It's rumored to be a 4x4 MIMO setup instead of the current 2x2 antenna modules. 

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 features the 4x4 MIMO antenna module and beats the iPhone X by some way in internet speeds, even when being used on networks that don't currently support gigabit LTE.

While carriers and networks supporting gigabit LTE are few and far between at the moment Apple including the new tech will futureproof these devices and you'll have generally faster speeds even before your network or carrier embraces gigabit LTE.

Little features that mean a lot

The statement from Kuo also states that Apple may be experimenting with a dual SIM variant to enter its phone line for the very first time.

Kuo's statement said, "2H18 iPhone models won't only offer faster LTE transmission speed: We predict that at least one of the 2H18 new iPhone models will support dual-SIM dual standby (DSDS). 

"Unlike existing DSDS phones, which commonly support LTE+3G connections, we believe next-generation iPhone models will support LTE+LTE connections, in a bid to enhance the user experience."

It's thought Apple would want to offer a version with dual LTE capabilities, but it may be this is a different model of phone rather than the feature being available in the normal iPhone 9. 

That may mean we see a cheaper device with the feature included for developing markets, but we won't know for sure until the second half of 2018 when we expect to see Apple release new handsets.

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