iPhone 12 Pro could have a 120Hz refresh rate, a big battery, and a slim build

iPhone 11 Pro Max
The iPhone 12 Pro Max could have a screen upgrade over its predecessor (above) (Image credit: Future)

It has been rumored for a while that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a 120Hz refresh rate, and now there’s yet more evidence, as both have appeared on a list of phones expected to launch with such a refresh rate this year.

That list was supplied by Ross Young (CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants and a reputable leaker). It doesn’t include the standard iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Max – unsurprisingly since they’re more basic models – but it does include some other as-yet unreleased phones, such as the Huawei Mate 40 and, also unsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus/Ultra.

We would of course take this list with a pinch of salt, but it lines up with other leaks, and Ross Young is a decent source of information, especially when it comes to screens.

But that’s not the only new iPhone 12 information, with kuaibao.qq.com (a Chinese news site) reporting information from supply chain channels that suggests the whole range of phones will be thinner than the iPhone 11 range, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max coming in at 7.4mm (down from 8.1mm on the iPhone 11 Pro Max).

The site doesn’t say exactly how thin the other iPhone 12 models will be, but adds that the battery sizes in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max won’t exceed 4,400mAh – though that would still be an increase over their predecessors, with the iPhone 11 Pro having a 3,046mAh battery and the iPhone 11 Pro Max a 3,969mAh one.

We’d say an increased battery size and a slimmer build are both fairly likely, so this information may well prove correct, but we certainly wouldn’t count on it, especially as this source isn’t one we tend to hear iPhone rumors from.

We should find out the reality in a few months, as the iPhone 12 range is expected to be announced in September. In the meantime, stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest news, leaks and rumors.

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