iPhone 11 Max looks very likely to have a triple-lens camera

iPhone XS Max
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It has long been rumored that the iPhone 11 Max will have a triple-lens rear camera, but if you need any more evidence of that then a new accessory provides it.

A camera protector for the phone has been listed on MobileFun (a mobile accessory retailer). Built by Olixar – which is a reputable brand – images of the accessory show spaces for three lenses. In fact, the iPhone 11 Max itself is also pictured, with three lenses visible, along with a likely quad-LED flash.

Sadly, the listing doesn’t reveal any of the phone’s specs, but it has previously been rumored that it will have three 12MP lenses, with a new ultra-wide one joining its predecessor’s main and telephoto lenses.

One thing that is worth noting about this listing is that the phone is specifically referred to as the iPhone 11 Max. Now, that could well be a placeholder name until Olixar learns the final name, but it’s also possible that the company already knows that this is what the phone will be called.

We would of course take both the name and the camera design with a pinch of salt. While Olixar is a reputable brand and likely to get access to design details ahead of launch, it could equally be basing the design on existing rumors.

Still, with most rumors now pointing to a square camera block with three lenses it’s looking likely that both the iPhone 11 Max and the smaller iPhone 11 will have this feature. The iPhone XR 2 meanwhile – or whatever it launches as – has previously been rumored to have two rear lenses, up from one on the iPhone XR.

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