Latest iPhone 11 leak says the next iPhone XR is getting a camera bump

iPhone XR
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There's now no shortage of leaks and rumors around the upcoming iPhone 11 phones, and we just got another tidbit of information to chew over: the successor to the iPhone XR is apparently getting a dual-lens rear camera this year.

That's according to Japanese blog Mac Otakara, which says it has its information directly from those in the know in the supply chain in China.

The iPhone XR 2 – or iPhone XI R? – is going to come with a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens just like the current iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the report says, which should mean a better portrait mode and 2x optical zoom will be on offer.

It's actually a rumor we've heard before, so you can count this as a conformation of sorts for what Apple is planning. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, meanwhile, will get upgrades to triple-lens rear cameras.

Glass and ports

According to Mac Otakara, two out of the three lenses on the more expensive iPhones of 2019 will also be shared with the new iPhone XR model, which should help to keep manufacturing costs down.

All three iPhone 2019 models are being tipped to use 3D-molded glass for the back of the phones, possibly covering up the rear camera bump, the new report says.

There's also a prediction that Apple could include more powerful 18W USB-C chargers with its iPhone models this year – although the Lightning port will be retained, and Apple will bundle USB-C-to-Lightning connectors with the devices.

Add it to the pile of iPhone 11 rumors we've heard so far, covering everything from air sensors to bigger batteries. As usual, the new handsets are expected to be officially unveiled in September.

Via AppleInsider

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