YouTube violence jails New Zealand teenagers

YouTube is a site where anyone can upload any video footage under 10 minutes long, for absolutely free.

Two idiotic kiwi teenagers have been taken into custody after putting the boots to a 16-year old boy, filming themselves and posting the footage on the internet. The pair committed the crime because they wanted something to post on YouTube , and beating up a classmate apparently seemed like the best option.

It's certainly not the first time that acts of violence on YouTube have led to the arrest of the perpetrators. But it's the first time that anyone has committed this kind of offence just to post it online.

"This is the first incident that I am aware of where it was specifically arranged then recorded then posted. It appears to have been posted for two reasons. One to give the offenders some notoriety or street cred... but more importantly to humiliate the victim," arresting Sergeant Dave Greig said.

"We have been able to establish that the whole thing was premeditated. That basically it was always intended that it would be videoed. It was always intended that it would be posted on YouTube," he said.


How the boys ever thought they would ever get away with it is not known; posting evidence of assault on the internet amounts to a guilty plea in court.

Unfortunately, this sort of cyber-bullying is becoming more frequent all over the world. The French are combating the problem with laws that prohibits anyone other than accredited members of the press from filming acts of violence .

James Rivington

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