Twitter's new video tool could deliver a sucker punch to Instagram

The little blue bird killed the Instagram star?

Remember the old days, when Twitter was simple? Now it has Instagram-style filters and Facebook-style summaries and a host of other features not in its original remit. There's a new addition on the way too: native video.

That means you'll be able to upload video clips directly, just like photos, right within the Twitter interface - no need to link to YouTube or Instagram or get any outside services involved at all.

It's not official yet, but from what Recode reports it sounds like there'll be a time limit on the videos of around 20 seconds - that gives you more flexibility than the six seconds offered by Vine (also owned by Twitter, of course).

Home movies

It's all about user engagement: if you can create and view clips on Twitter without going anywhere else, then Twitter gets more eyeballs and Google lets less advertising revenue.

Facebook is also pushing the format hard: apparently we're all posting 75% more video on Mark Zuckerberg's social network behemoth than we were a year ago. It's a big part of the Facebook-owned Instagram as well.

Twitter executives have previously confirmed that a native video tool was in the works, due for launch in the first half of 2015, and it sounds like it will be here sooner rather than later. If your vlogging career still hasn't taken off, there's still a chance.

David Nield
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