Twitter officially rolls out mobile app install ads

Twitter Mobile App ads
'Burn virtual rubber, tap to download now!'

Get ready to see a lot more advertisements on Twitter promoting apps.

The social media company announced it is rolling out mobile app promotions. These ads will appear as normal tweets and include a link escorting users directly to the Google Play or iTunes App store.

This is designed to make it easy for app developers like Real Racing to promote its apps by including a link that automatically redirects user to buy the app. Users will still get the final say on whether or not they chose to buy the app, but any resulting downloads will put a little money into Twitter's pocket.

Alternatively, if the user already has the app installed it will launch the piece of software instead, which could be useful for any games with new updates, such as more levels.

While Android and iOS users will both see the ads, they won't be coming to either Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices. Twitter says it has no plans to add this functionality to either platform.

The "in" crowd

Although the promotional downloads just launched globally, they've been a part of Twitter since April starting off as beta test.

Twitter also joins the group of other sites that have employed mobile app promotions including YouTube and Facebook. The later company has enjoyed a swelling mobile ad business and now Twitter is looking to cash in on the same deal.

On top of app install ads, app publishers will get an expanded set of reporting and analytical tools to follow how well their promotions are doing. What's more, companies can target their ads to users based on interest, keyword, gender, geographic location, language, and mobile devices.

There's no way to escape advertisements even on Twitter, but on the bright side at least it will be easy to download that app if interests you.

Kevin Lee

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