More ads to invade Twitter timelines, offering one-click app downloads

More ads set to invade Twitter time-lines, but will offer one-click app downloads
Twitter wants to match Facebook's advertising success

Twitter is set to introduce 15 types of new advertisements into timelines, which could allow users to download mobile apps with a single click, according to reports this weekend.

The Wall Street Journal says the company has briefed advertisers on new ways to use Twitter cards to engage users, with the first batch of new products coming next month, the report claimed.

The article says Twitter is looking to replicate Facebook's success by testing a mobile app install unit, which would give it a better shot at earning business from download-focused mobile developers.

The card would feature a download button that would take users directly to the App Store or the Google Play store, making it easier for mobile users.

Better ads or more ads?

The same feature on Facebook has proved massively popular with advertisers who're seeing big download yields for their investments.

The report says Twitter is also planning to add a tool that allows users to enter competitions with a single click that sends their email address to the advertiser.

Users will hope that the new range of ads won't mean their feeds are clogged up with more promoted tweets, but at least these new tools look like they'll be more useful for consumers.

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