Last.FM becomes MTV of the web

Last.FM will now recommend both music and videos that you might like, based on your favourite music

As of next week, you'll be able to watch music videos through online radio station Last.FM . It is adding videos to its popular music community website.

The new video service will be integrated with the existing website and will allow you to watch and share your favourite videos with the rest of the Last.FM community.

Initially, the Last.FM video service will feature clips from independent labels such as Ninja Tune, Nettwerk Music Group, Domino, Warp, Atlantic and Mute. Artists signed up to these labels include Arctic Monkeys, Moby and Aphex Twin.

You'll also be able to create personal video channels in the same way as you can create your own radio station on the website.

Share your musical taste

Last.FM allows its users to listen to music and share their taste in music. When you enter an artist, Last.FM will suggest similar artists and tracks that you might also like. These suggestions are based on what other users with the same preferences have recommended. Now it's extending this idea to video clips.

Last.FM said the quality of videos on its site will be "significantly higher than that of YouTube ", with audio encoded at 128Kbit/s compared to YouTube's 64Kbit/s.

Last.FM aims to eventually offer its users personalised channels from "the largest legal catalogue of music videos on the web". A press release stated: "Last.FM aims eventually to have every music video ever made on the site, from the latest hits to underground obscurities to classics from the past."

"Essentially it's going to be kind of like what MTV promised in the earlier days," said company spokesperson Christian Ward.