Skype for iPhone and BlackBerry announced

Skype for iPhone finally launches this week
Skype for iPhone finally launches this week

The official version of Skype for Apple's iPhone finally launches this week, with no need for iPhone users to use slightly clumsier workaround options such as Fring any further.

BlackBerry users will also get their own version of Skype later in May, so free VoIP calling for all seems to be the way forward! (Providing you have a steady Wi-Fi connection, of course!).

That's right, VoIP calls via Skype for iPhone will only work if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

You will also be able to get involved with all the other usual Skype gubbins you're used to from your desktop/laptop, such as instant messaging (which WILL work with a 3G connection), SkypeOut calls to mobiles and landlines and those (particularly handy for working from home) conference calls.

iPhone VoIP

CNet has previewed the Skype for iPhone app and also notes that: "Taking a photo from within Skype to serve as your avatar image, or pulling a picture in from the camera roll are two iPhone-only features that makes use of the phone's hardware attributes."

More word on the BlackBerry friendly version of Skype (and whether or not it will work on 3G or only Wi-Fi phones a la the iPhone version) very soon.

For now, if you use an iPhone, remember to download Skype from the iTunes App Store this Tuesday.

Via CNet

Adam Hartley