Rape claim against Wikileaks' founder withdrawn

Wikileaks' founder suggests the recent rape allegations are part of a 'dirty tricks' campaign

A warrant for the arrest of WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange was issued in Sweden last Friday by a Swedish prosecutor following allegations of rape.

Strangely, the Swedish authorities then withdrew the warrant less than a day later, claiming that there was actually not enough evidence to support it.

Dirty tricks?

Karin Rosander, a spokeswoman for the authority, told the Associated Press: "The prosecutor who took over the case yesterday had more information, and that is why she made a different assessment than the on-call prosecutor."

Assange remains under suspicion of "molestation," yet, for his part, suspects that is connected to a "dirty tricks" campaign on behalf of the Pentagon.

This follows on from Wikileak's recently issuing hundreds of confidential files pertaining to the war in the middle east recently. The release of these war documents by WikiLeaks has been seen as one of the worst ever breaches of military information for the US.

Quoted in a Swedish tabloid, the Wikileaks' founder said: "I don't know who's behind this but we have been warned that for example the Pentagon plans to use dirty tricks to spoil things for us."

While the WikiLeaks's official Twitter account added: "We were told to expect 'dirty tricks.' Now we have the first one."

Via BBC News