PM takes time out to meet Facebook founder

Facebook CEO visits Number 10
Facebook CEO visits Number 10


Zuckerberg has spoken a bit more about meeting the Prime Minister today, saying "David Cameron seems very insightful. A lot of the stuff we talked about was openng up Government data."

He also noted: "At the hackthon I visited this week in London it was amazing how many devs were working on civic projects, like taking information about the tube and creating new services.

"I mentioned that to the staff at Number 10 Downing [sic] and they were really excited about wanting to open up data and are excited about what can be done."


Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, met up with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today at Number 10, with the Prime Minister popping in to say hello.

Zuckerberg, who is visiting London for the Facebook Developer Garage, met up with Hunt who used Twitter to say that he had met with the Facebook boss, noting "Just met Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook. Really smart guy with some good ideas on improvement digital engagement in policy making."

News at 10

At a roundtable with TechRadar in attendance, a Facebook spokesperson announced that a meeting did indeed take place, but could not say what was said. The spokesperson also said that the Prime Minister did "pop in".

Facebook is trying to push the social side of Facebook and it will be interesting to see if something comes out of the meeting. We have no idea why Facebook is being so tight-lipped about the meet-up but it just shows how popular the site is if its CEO can get face-time with the Prime Minister.

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