MPs to make sure Google wasn't being 'economical with the truth' over tax

MPs to make sure Google wasn t being economical with the truth over tax

Google bosses have been summoned back to Westminster to answer questions about questionable tax arrangements.

The Google executives were first hauled in for questioning in 2011, providing the committee of MPs with facts and figures.

However, at typical public sector pace, the MPs perused the answers and decided that the figures just didn't add up – two years later.


Public accounts committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge said: "We will need to very quickly call back the Google executives to give them a chance to explain themselves."

Unable to find the word 'lie' she added that the MPs wanted to make sure that Google were "not being economical with the truth" first time around.

The "economical truth" that Ms. Hodge refers to is the fact that Google executive, Matt Brittin, stated that it had made no sales to British customers and therefore owed no tax. However, around 150 employees on LinkedIn have stated that they're in sales roles for Google in the UK. Well, they were in sales roles for Google...