Marketplace for services relies on reputation

Service providers are listed by feedback, so whoever's at the top of the list is likely to be a good choice

If you want bargain products, most head for auction websites such as eBay. But it's still hard in many parts of the country to find reliable service providers that can be trusted. wants to change all that: the "marketplace for services" lets you buy and sell services instead of goods.The free website lists some 1,000 service sellers, offering everything from professional services like accountancy to fun leisure activities such as pole-dancing lessons.

As registered users can remain anonymous, many sellers use the site to attract moonlighting opportunities to extend their income, or to volunteer their time for good causes, said co-founder Luke Aviet.

Ranked by feedback

Service sellers are ranked by feedback from users - the best-rated and most-recommended service sellers will show up at the top of the list, instead of a traditional A to Z listing. This also helps weed out rogue traders around the country by helping source reliable tradesmen.

"The inspiration behind was that everyone has a marketable skill or service they can offer," said Luke Aviet.

"The internet has proved a great medium for buying and selling products. We are simply using the same principles to help buyers and sellers of services efficiently connect as well."