Google providing Boxing Day hangover cures

Christmas Day is just a blur
Christmas Day is just a blur

Google is aiming to help people with the inevitable Boxing Day hangover, with the search giant conjuring up the remedies being sought by people across Europe.

Google has looked at the top searches for hangover cures from several countries across the world, and rooted out some interesting cultural differences and some fairly obvious similarities to boot.

"During Christmas time, people tend to party more, and to drink more too," explained Google.

"How well prepared are people to recuperate after a long night out? What kinds of hangover remedies and tips are user searching for?"


According to the Brits, oatmeal is a good way to get over a hangover, the French like their medicine beer and sugar is a sure anti-hangover remedy according to the Spaniards," the search giant added.

"Italians prefer to go to the gym to combat hangovers, Germans rely on cucumber and pickled herring to cure a hangover, the Polish have lemon to get over a long night of drinking and coffee is internationally recognized beverage against hangovers."

We're happy about the coffee, but not entirely convinced that we fancy cucumber and pickled herring for a hangover cure. Or at all, quite honestly.

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