Google now encrypting your search results

Google looking to safeguard your searching habits with SSL

Google has announced that web users who're signed into a Google account will now benefit from securely encrypted web searches.

The company says it's adding the same SSL encryption protocol it uses to protect your Gmail account onto Google search results, to keep away prying eyes.

The company, which continues to abide by its "don't be evil" mantra, says that if you're signed into your account, web searches will automatically be diverted to - note the extra 's'.

Increasingly customised experience

In a post on the company blog, Google says that as personalised search becomes more and more important, it's crucial that the privacy of what we're Googling is of the utmost importance.

"As search becomes an increasingly customised experience, we recognise the growing importance of protecting the personalised search results we deliver. As a result, we're enhancing our default search experience for signed-in users.

"This change encrypts your search queries and Google's results page. This is especially important when you're using an unsecured internet connection, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot in an Internet cafe," the blog said.

Get your SSL on

Google says that users can also navigate directly to the encrypted https site, by typing into the URL bar. The change will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

The company also says it wants other companies to follow its SSL lead by adopting similar encryption for their users

"As we continue to add more support for SSL across our products and services, we hope to see similar action from other websites," the blog added.

Via: ZDnet

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