Facebook announces 'Trusted Friends' scheme

Trusted Friends can help prove your identity

Facebook has announced plans to launch a 'Trusted Friends' scheme which can let pals assist if you find yourself shut out of your account.

The scheme requires users to nominate three-to-five of their most reliable amigos, who are then required to input a special code in order to prove your identity.

Trusted Friends will come in handy for users whose email has also been compromised by hacks, meaning they can't use the regular password recovery mechanism.

The spare key

In a post on the Facebook security page the social network said the new feature was akin to giving your friends a spare house key.

The post read: "Similar to other features that help you prove your identity through your friends, you can now select three to five trusted friends who can help you if you ever have issues accessing your account.

"It's sort of similar to giving a house key to your friends when you go on vacation–pick the friends you most trust in case you need their help.

"If you forgot your password and need to login but can't access your email account, you can rely on your friends to help you get back in.

"We will send codes to the friends you have selected and they can pass along that information to you."

It sounds like a good idea. Just make sure those "Trusted Friends" aren't the type who will use those special codes to break into your account and ruin your world while you're off on a relaxing weekend in the country.

Via: TechCrunch

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