Clubcard TV targets you with ads, brings Tesco Value level films to stream

Clubcard TV targets you with ads, brings Tesco Value level films to stream
"I didn't know you liked yoghurt so much, Red."

Tesco's Clubcard TV is its new ad-funded film-streaming service which will show Clubcard holders adverts based on what they've bought in store.

Expect to develop a sudden craving for cereal, toothpaste, yoghurt and soap as advertisers on board at launch include Kellogg's, J&J, Colgate and Danone.

So while it's kind of a reward for loyal customers, as Tesco puts it, it's also a way for the retail giant to make yet more money off your shopping.


The films available at launch aren't exactly the most recent of releases - Tesco's highlighted The Shawshank Redemption and The Assassination of Jesse James as its two big-names.

There are TV series to enjoy as well - and we use the term 'enjoy' fairly loosely since The Only Way Is Essex is one of the headliners. We don't think Lovefilm and Netflix will be quaking in their boots just yet.

Tesco has developed the service in conjunction with Blinkbox, which it bought a controlling stake in last year. It has plans to extend the service out further, with more content and a wider range of devices including games consoles, tablets, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and set top boxes.

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