New Australian ISP to dodge geoblocking

Yournet ISP VPN

Despite the fact that there is still some questions as to whether circumventing geo-blocks is technically legal in Australia, a budding new ISP called Yournet is willing to take the risk by launching a broadband plan that will disregard geo-blocks at the ISP level.

Looking to make the term VPN a phrase of the past, Yournet will launch next month with an $129.95 per month, unlimited ADSL 2+ plan and intends to offer an NBN plan soon after.

Apart from being able to access US internet video services like HBO or Hulu, Yournet told Fairfax that the ISP intends to give its users better streaming quality by minimising the number of customers sharing network links.

Will it last?

In New Zealand last month, due to legal threats from broadcasters and cable companies, a local ISP called CallPlus was forced to ditch the same 'Global Mode' technology that Yournet intends to use here in Australia.

The company's founder Raj Bhuva is not worried though stating, in an interview with Fairfax, that the company has legal advice suggesting that geo-dodging is permitted under Australian law.

This was backed up last week when a federal parliamentary committee encouraged consumers to legally bypass internet geo-blocks and called on the government to amend the current copyright act to facilitate circumvention of 'geographic market segmentation'.

The service hasn't specifically said when in August it will be available, but those interested can register their interest through the website.

Joel Burgess
Staff Writer

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