Adobe launches Media Player

It’s a competitive old market out there, but Adobe has released the Adobe Media Player (AMP), a free download that will play Flash-based web videos.

With Microsoft’s Flash competitor Silverlight focused heavily on providing rich video content, Adobe is keen to keep up with the Joneses.


The AMP, which will be controlled by Adobe’s DRM, will allow companies to stream videos from their own sites, but will also be hosted on a special Adobe channel.

Adobe has already indicated that it plans to broaden its initial partner base – which includes CBS, MTV and Universal Music – and offer different business models, including pay per view.

AIR on a shoestring?

Coded in Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), the AMP will allow offline or online playing of the content, although the player will start by only supporting Flash.

"With Adobe Media Player, we’re bringing viewers and content owners closer together, with an experience that doesn’t constrain them by platform or proprietary software application," said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe.

"It’s a merger of TV Guide and DVR for Internet video content. Some great shows, like The Hills from MTV and CSI from CBS, is already available to view and more will be coming soon."

Watch in the UK

Interestingly, at the current time, there doesn't appear to be any limit on what country you can watch programmes from with the AMP. So episodes of the likes of CSI: New York from CBS and MTV's Cribs, as well as the latest Universal Music videos are available, despite being in the UK.

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