Insta360's tiny new camera can shoot 6K resolution videos

Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch 360 edition
(Image credit: Insta360)

Big things really do come in eensy little packages: Insta360 has just revealed its new tiny 360-degree camera that can shoot videos in enormous 6K resolution.

It’s called the ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition, which is quite the mouthful. It's essentially a direct upgrade to Insta360’s ONE RS camera from March 2022. The new camera is split across five main parts: the 360-degree lens itself, a lens cap, a mounting bracket, a battery, and a ONE RS Core.

The Core is what houses the major features, including a small screen to help set up a shot or configure the device. Compared to the older ONE RS model, the 360 Edition improves on three areas while migrating over notable features.

Brand new features

The biggest change comes in the form of two 1-inch CMOS sensors in the lens, which ensure that images come out as high quality as possible. These sensors let the camera record 360-degree videos in stunning 6K resolution and take photographs at 21MP. The 1-inch 360 Edition is also capable of shooting in low-light environments thanks to this hardware.

The device also includes a new PureShot HDR mode for photos. This mode utilizes AI and auto-exposure to increase image quality. The example images Insta360 provides sport very vibrant colors, and thanks to a camera feature, multiple photos can be melded together into wraparound shots. AI automates the editing process via Insta360 Shot Lab, the company says. The accompanying app lets people get creative with edits such as swapping out the sky for a different look or fast-forwarding footage with Cinelapse.

And the last major change is the battery pack -- called the Vertical Battery Base -- which Insta360 claims extends the lifespan. Without the pack, the 360 edition has a 1350mAh battery. We did ask Insta360 how long the battery will last with and without the pack as well as when it’ll be available. A standalone Battery Base is slated to launch later this year. The company has yet to respond to our request.

Making a comeback

Apart from these changes, a lot of the original One RS’s features make a comeback in the new camera. There’s FlowState Stabilization which, as you can probably guess, stabilizes the camera for smooth footage. Horizon Lock keeps the camera level to the horizon, no matter how much it moves. And there’s Invisible Selfie Stick, which edits out selfie sticks using AI.

There are also physical add-ons you can attach to the 360 Edition. In addition to the Battery Base, there’s a Quick Reader that you can use to transfer files to your phone. And a Mic Adapter, which allows the camera to connect to a 3.5mm microphone.

Since it’s packed with features, the ONE RS 1-inch 360 doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive 360 cameras out there. Prices start at $799.99. It’s also possible to upgrade the older ONE RS camera by buying the 360 Lens Upgrade Bundle. The bundle comes with the new lens, mounting bracket, and Battery Base for $649.99. You’ll just have to reuse the ONE RS Core. 

If that $800 price point scares you, TechRadar has a list of the best 360 cameras for 2022 -- which does include some cheaper options.

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