HTC Vive gets discounted this Black Friday - here's where you can get it


Virtual reality may be The Hot Thing™ in gaming right now, but it's not exactly a cheap venture - especially when it comes to the experiences that top-shelf headsets like the HTC Vive can offer.

Starting Black Friday through Cyber Monday, however, the HTC Vive is taking its price down a notch, as well as offering sales on over 20 different VR titles.

Those who buy the HTC Vive November 25-28 can receive $100 off their purchase while supplies last. That discount is nothing to sniff at, considering the, uh, considerable $799/£689/€899 pricetag the headset usually commands. 

Sign me up! Where do I go?

 According to the Vive team, the offer extends to any online or physical retailer that carries the Vive headset, including the Microsoft Store, Amazon, Gamestop, Newegg, Micro-center, Vive's own website and for the first time, a select number of Fry's locations in the US.

Not sure if there's a place nearby to pick up an HTC Vive in person? You can use this locator to find any retailers near you that carry the headset.

During that time, Vive is also offering sales and bundles on several of its games, apps, and other content via the Viveport store - including a $10 USD rebate on purchases equaling $30 USD or more.