HTC gets into game development with in-house VR development studio

The biggest problem with virtual reality at the moment is a lack of content. We now have a decent selection of virtual reality hardware, but the amount of content that’s available to play on them is slim indeed. 

In an attempt to remedy this problem, HTC is launching Vive Studios, which is an internal publisher focussed on delivering virtual reality experiences through both first- and third-party developers. 

Its first game, called Arcade Saga, is from internal studio 2 Bears, and is a collection of three different game modes in which you play as a CPU (a member of the ‘We’), as it fights against an evil AI (the ‘Overlords’). 

Arcade Saga

As HTC explains, “CPUs see this digital fight with the Overlords as games and find it fun. Like art to humans, the We have grown to love and revere their games and frequently say, “I play therefore I am,” and “The We play to live.””

What exactly this means we have no idea, but here’s hoping it delivers some fun arcade VR action. 

The move follows similar initiatives from both Oculus and Sony, the manufacturers of the two other major VR headsets available at this time. 

Sony has been a publisher for some time because of its console business, while Oculus has been developing first-party Rift games since 2014.

HTC also has other plans in the pipeline to foster VR content, including its Vive X startup accelerator, and its more recent Viveport store

Jon Porter

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