EE Film Club will bring Orange Wednesdays to your living room

No more of this sort of thing

For many years, Orange Wednesdays made both mobile phones and cinema-going all the sweeter. That's now dead, but for the cost of one text message you could halve the price of going to the cinema in couples or groups.

Sadly, with the demise of Orange - and T-Mobile - this year, EE also pulled the plug on the discount cinema tickets service. The good news is that it is now replacing it with movies in your own home, for £1. In many ways, that accurately represents the shift away from traditional media, and into our more streaming-orientated lives.

Indeed, as part of its decision to give up on cinemas and move to streaming, EE reckons 50% of people stream or download a movie each month.

Blockbuster deal

The Film Club service is provided by which means that there is already a large number of devices that can take advantage of the offer. The press release doesn't go into any specifics about the titles available, so it seems logical to assume you can select anything in the Wuaki library.

The deal is a little more complex than Orange Wednesdays was. You can text the number any time between Monday and Wednesday. Texts cost £0.35 and the rental is £1. Once you have your code and have entered it into the Wuaki app you have 48 hours to watch the movie you've chosen.

EE is, of course, in the process of being bought by BT. Services like EE TV and this new FIlm Club may have short lifespans once that deal is done. But even if that's the case, you'll likely be able to enjoy cheap movies for at least a year.