Amazon demystifies the high def movie war

Amazon has jumped onto the Blu-ray bandwagon today, sending an urgent missive to inform us: "In an effort to help demystify high-definition entertainment for consumers, today announced its support for Blu-ray as the digital format of choice for customers."

The statement continues: "As part of this announcement, will more prominently promote Blu-ray hardware and software products on its website."


Thanks for clearing that up for us Amazon. Though we can’t but help think the use of the word ‘choice’ in the above statement is a bit misguided.

Peter Faricy, vice president of movies and music at, adds: "Our customers have clearly voiced their support for the Blu-ray format. Blu-ray titles have increased from just over half of our high-definition sales to over three-quarters of our high-definition sales since early January."

Not forgetting HD DVD customers

"In order to best serve our customers, Amazon is recommending Blu-ray as the preferred digital format and will continue to carry the 'Earth's Largest Selection' of Blu-ray products."

But it’s not all over for the one million plus HD DVD player owners out there: "For the hundreds of thousands of HD DVD owners who may still wish to purchase products for that format, Amazon will continue to carry a wide assortment of HD DVD products, including the broadest selection of HD DVD movie titles."

Adam Hartley