Panasonic CTO: 3D is out of geekdom and into mass market

Panasonic - excited about the future
Panasonic - excited about the future

Panasonic's CTO has told TechRadar that 3D has been taken out of "geekdom to an early mass market" with sales indicating that the technology has passed the "laserdisc threshold".

In an exclusive interview with TechRadar, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki insisted that he has been thrilled by what he terms a "sea change" in the television world, with Panasonic at the forefront of not only 3D but also connected TVs.

And the Panasonic man has little doubt that 3D has now become mainstream, with US sales indicating that this is a technology that is here to stay this time around.

Laserdisc threshold

"Within North America, the industry shipped some 2 million Full HD 3D enabled televisions after just nine months on the market," he said.

"This is a significant milestone. It means we have already surpassed what I call the laserdisc threshold. We have already taken 3D from geekdom to an early mass market."

"Compare this to the rollout of HD TV. The industry sold less than half a million HD sets in five years. Consumers who have purchased home Full HD 3D are not just the early and affluent videophiles, but also young gamers and (surprisingly) young families.

"In our research we know that an equal number of male and females are actively involved in the purchase decision. 3D has to cater to all genders and demographics."

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