Google Pay now lets you travel ticket-free with digital boarding passes

Google Pay

Google Pay (the app formerly known as Android Pay, formerly known as Google Wallet) now supports boarding passes, cutting out the hassle of fumbling for paper tickets at the airport and holding up a line of impatient holidaymakers.

Google announced the new feature at Google I/O 2018, and has spent two months testing it before releasing it onto the phones of the general public. The app currently supports just two carriers – Southwest Airlines and Vueling – but Singapore Airlines is coming on board soon, and hopefully more will follow.

You can find the option under the new Bookings tab, along with the ability to store event tickets from Ticketmaster. Eventbrite support is on the way as well.

Pay your way

The updated Google Pay also lets you send cash to your contacts – a feature that was previously only available in the separate Google Pay Send app, for reasons that were never entirely clear.

It's a relief that Google is finally streamlining its money apps, though the updated Google Pay is currently only available in the US. Users in other countries will have to keep juggling paper boarding passes on vacation, and splitting the tab at the airport bar by throwing their leftover travel currency at the person least likely to object.

Via Ars Technica

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