Google Duo has started testing group video calls

A quick chat with buddies always brightens a day, and the plethora of video calling apps now makes a virtual face-to-face catch up easier than ever. Looking to match its rivals Skype and FaceTime, Google's Duo app is getting a much needed additional feature – group calling.

First spotted in the Google Duo code back in March 2018, Google is now rolling out a server-side test that will let groups call each other through the app.

While only a lucky few can currently put the feature through its paces, you'll have the option of pulling seven contacts together for one call when it does become available.

Extras needed

However, according to reports of those that have been able to test it, there are a few lacking elements with Google Duo.

Firstly, that seven-participants count. That pales in comparison to FaceTime's 32 group chat members – even if 32 is overkill. Secondly, you can't currently add a new participant to an active call. If a friend wants to join in  with a chat and you're already in the call, you're going to have to quit it to add the new person. 

Groups however are saved so you don't have to reform them every time, while a dark mode is being added to make it easier on the eyes at night. We'll keep you posted as to when the feature rolls out properly.

Gerald Lynch

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