Google Clips update makes the smart AI-camera even smarter

Google Clips, the AI-driven camera that automatically captures life’s hard-to-miss moments with its machine learning algorithm, has received its first update since launch in the US in February.

Its inaugural update adds a few welcomed features, the most notable of which is the camera’s new ability to snap high-resolution still images. It still maintains its 6-8MP range for capturing stills that are stitched together to form a clip, but now you can capture still in high resolution by clicking the shutter button or the Live Preview button within the companion app. In terms of the resolution of the images taken, it’s unclear, but any improvement is a good thing.

Pinch-to-zoom functionality has been added as well, allowing you to zoom in retroactively within a clip, handy if you want to crop something out of the frame when you share a clip over the net.

Clips will keep getting better

These are small but significant improvements that hint at a bright future for Google’s ambitious camera. It doesn’t totally reverse its fortune, as it’s still not as skilled as you are at judging when to hit “record” to capture some memories. But making steps forward via software update proves that Google sees a long-tailed future for Clips.

This connected camera is still a US-exclusive, as is the Google Home Max, but there’s still a good chance that Clips will take to several more regions soon. And when it does, it will likely be in far better form than it was when it debuted. Now, if only Google could lower the price down from $249.

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