Google Chrome update for iOS and Android will tell you if your password has been hacked

(Image credit: Scyther5 / Shutterstock)

Google has announced new password security alerts for iOS and Android mobile devices that will alert users if any of their online accounts have been compromised. 

The new password protections will be available with the next Chrome 86 update, and will see Google notify users of any suspicious activity and provide them with a link to change their password.

“Passwords are often the first line of defence for our digital lives,” AbdelKarim Mardini, Senior Product Manager at Google Chrome,” wrote in a blog post. “Today, we’re improving password security on both Android and iOS devices by telling you if the passwords you’ve asked Chrome to remember have been compromised, and if so, how to fix them.”

Users need not worry about sharing all their sensitive information with Google either. The internet giant only receives an encrypted form of their usernames and passwords to check against compromised credentials.

Safety first

In addition, Google has announced a number of other new security features, including Safety Check, which is launching for iOS and Android devices. In addition to checking for compromised passwords, the new feature will also inform users if Safe Browsing is enabled and whether their version of Chrome has the latest security protections in place. 

A biometric authentication step is also being added before autofilling passwords for iOS users.

Some of the most damaging cyberattacks ever committed started with a compromised password and, despite their importance, many of us continue to use easy -to-hack credentials. A report last year found that “12345” remains the most commonly used password.

Many businesses are now choosing to employ a password manager to protect sensitive information, without requiring their staff to remember a multitude of complex passwords.

Barclay Ballard

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