Genesis is quickly becoming a serious premium EV player as it reveals another electric car

Genesis GV70 EV in a grey studio
(Image credit: Genesis)

The electrified Genesis GV70 is the latest fully electric car from the South Korean manufacturer, and it joins the premium brand's already announced GV60 and GV80 EVs.

Genesis has built a name for itself by selling premium vehicles packed with features and a great warranty at a reasonable price. 

The Hyundai offspring's cars and SUVs are comfortable and offer the latest tech and safety features. Like other automakers, Genesis is going electric, and its first vehicles are starting to hit the auto show circuit. 

One, an electric version of the GV70 crossover, landed at Auto Guangzhou 2021, in China.

While the standard GV70 is available with two gas engines and either 2WD or all-wheel drive, the electric GV70 comes standard with all-wheel drive and promises power output of 214 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. 

During the SUV's temporary boost mode, it can generate almost 483 horsepower and can run from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. 

Genesis says the GV70 EV can travel almost 250 miles on a charge using the Korean EV certification system. That number may change slightly once the US-based EPA and Europe-based WLTP testing bodies get their hands on the vehicle, but anywhere near 250 miles is a decent start. 

Awaiting more details

Front interior of Genesis GV70 EV

(Image credit: Genesis)

Depending on the driving conditions, the GV70 can connect or disconnect its drive shaft to quickly switch between 2WD and AWD to preserve battery power.

The GV70 can also take advantage of a rapid charging system with up to 400V/800V capacity. Owners can use both 400V and 800V charging systems without needing a converter or adapter. 

When using the proper charger, the GV70 can Genesis also says that the vehicle can be used as an auxiliary generator, thanks to its 3.6kW Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) system.

We don't have pricing or release date information on the new GV70 yet, and Genesis notes that the specs it shared are for the Korean-market vehicle. 

Specs such as range and charging details may change slightly when the vehicle makes its way to the United States and Europe.

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