Xbox One will live as long as the 360, says UK marketing chief

Xbox One will live as long as the 360, says UK marketing chief
Xbox One - a lot of life to live

The Xbox One will be around for as long as its hugely successful predecessor, according to UK marketing director Harvey Eagle.

Talking to TechRadar at an Xbox event, Eagle confidently predicted that, despite a rocky start for the Xbox One against the PS4, time will prove the great healer.

"Look I mean the Xbox 360 generation is 9 years old and still going strong," he told us.

"I think [Xbox One] is going to be around for equally long time and if you think about it we're really at the very start and I am very optimistic about the future."

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Eagle also insisted that the wealth of negative feedback that was received for the Xbox One - much of which was from the passionate fanboys of Microsoft's gaming wing - should be something to be proud of.

"You can't change things, and we understand the feedback," said Eagle.


"In one sense we're quite lucky that we have bunch of people that care and want to tell us how we can make it better," he added.

"I've been around the business for 14 or 15 years and we didn't have the benefit of that insight in the past.

"You didnt get that real time feedback and I think we're quite lucky and I'm really proud that we listen and act and we've done that quickly.

Eagle admitted the 'turbulence' that has haunted the early part in the Xbox's life has not been fun, but insisted that things had changed direction.

"I'm more confident now than I have ever been. I wish we didn't have some of the turbulence of the early part but c'est la vie."

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