Microsoft teams with the NFL for interactive Xbox One experience

Teaming up for game time

Microsoft unveiled it's all new console today, the Xbox One, and with it a host of partnerships with game companies for new titles heading to market later this year.

Of particular note is a partnership between Microsoft and the National Football League to mix the real and virtual world of gaming together. Services like Skype and Xbox SmartGlass will be utilized to give fantasy football players a chance to see their teams compete (virtually) side-by-side with real time play.

Once a user is watching teams on the gridiron, they can seamlessly switch to fantasy football information and displays, as well as receive onscreen updates.

But that's not all: As part of the multi-year agreement, the NFL will use Microsoft devices - such as Surface tablets - and services on the sidelines of real-time games.

Game on games

"We're excited to apply our passion for technology to the NFL experience, both on the sidelines through the innovative use of Microsoft Surface devices, and for fans through an enhanced NFL viewing experience on Xbox One," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in a press release.

Microsoft will create exclusive interactive experiences for the Xbox One and Surface, while Xbox has the rights to one day extend the fantasy football interactivity to the tablets as well.

NFL coaches and players will also soon have access to Microsoft technology, including Surface tablets, to enhance on-field communications, photo viewing and play calling.

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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