With the new Twitch app, you can pretend your PlayStation Vita has games

PS Vita

Slightly later than expected, the Twitch app has come to the PlayStation Vita, Sony's criminally under-supported handheld.

You'll be able to watch live and recorded streams for all your favourite games, and keep tabs on your favorite broadcasters.

There's also a dedicated section that highlights PlayStation streamers, but you won't be able to stream from the Vita yourself.

The Twitch app arrived late to the PS4 - landing in March this year - long after Xbox One owners were using it. The new app is also compatible with PlayStation TV.

Small wins

Of course, this doesn't quite make up for the Vita's dearth of new games. While Sony is officially still supporting the handheld via third-party developers, it has ceased making big budget games for it.

The Vita was also a no-show at E3, with Sony citing a smaller Western market as the reason for not giving the handheld any love at the show.

While the console is still doing well in Japan, being embattled with smartphones and tablets has clearly stunted its potential elsewhere. Which is a shame, because it's a really good little device.

Hugh Langley

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