Guest column: How Valve can fix Counter Strike

A pro-gamer's wish list

It isn't hard to compile the 'wish-list' for the next generation of Counter-Strike game and it is something that has to happen if the game is to have much more of a shelf-life. People want the reliability of the 1.6 netcode and the same size hitboxes.

They want the recoil to actually mean something instead of getting pinged with a random headshot by someone whose gun is being sprayed all over the place like Formula 1 champagne.

They want the models to be representative of what is going on behind them rather than it be a lottery to shoot at a moving target. And what is important if the game is to ever find that established television audience, something that is has briefly flirted with, it has to have the kind of graphics that people can look at without finding them comical or unappealing.

If you marry all that together, as well as retaining the same proportioned map sizes for competitive play, then all of a sudden you have not only a great game, but you finally have a reason for a fractured community to unite and put Counter-Strike back on the competitive gaming map.

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