CES 2007: three 1080p upscalers from Gefen

The HD Mate is just one of the video scalers Gefen is launching at CES 2007

US PC and TV accessories maker Gefen has said that it will launch three new high-def video upscaler/switcher combos at the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) in January 2007.

The upscalers/switchers can take any standard or high definition video signal and then transform them into any other HD resolution up to 1080p. This makes them ideal for use with DVD players, games consoles and other standard definition TV equipment.The three model line-up comprises:

  • HD Mate ScalerThis $349 (£178) box aims to marry the twin worlds of home entertainment and computing by enabling you to view video sources like a DVD player on your PC's display. The box features two component video inputs with accompanying analogue and digital audio connections as well as a DVI/digital audio output.
  • Home Theater ScalerThis $449 (£228) scaler/switcher enables you to combine home cinema sources like a DVD player or recorder, upscale your content to 1080p and then output it via HDMI so you can enjoy it on a flat panel TV or hi-def projector. The scaler sports two HDMI sockets with digital coaxial and digital optical outputs; plus two component video inputs that sport analogue audio connections.
  • Home Theater Scaler PlusIdeal for even older home cinema sources, this $349 (£178) box features S-video and composite video inputs, as well as one component video and twin HDMI sockets. Again analogue and digital audio inputs are included.

Both the HD Mate Scaler and the Home Theater Scaler go on sale Stateside in January 2007, the Home Theater Scaler Plus (for which there is no URL as yet) follows in February 2007.