Free Apple Music may be the way you're persuaded to buy the iPhone 8

With days to go until the launch of the iPhone 8 all the latest leaks and rumors suggest this is going to be the most expensive phone Apple has ever stocked, but the company may have a plan to persuade you to buy it anyway.

Analysts are suggesting the company may be ready to bundle in a free Apple Music subscription and 200GB of iCloud storage to convince you to buy the costly phone.

Some leaks have suggested the phone is set to cost over $1,000 (£900, AU$1,250) and analysts at Barclays believe that will mean low sales for Apple, but bundling in the added services will increase its perceived value by customers.

According to Business Insider, Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz has said Apple would only sell 40 million iPhone units at the high price but he predicts the company could see sales of 64 million around the world if services are bundled in.

Extra extras

This is just an analyst's feelings at the moment, but perhaps bundling in the free Apple Music and iCloud storage would persuade a lot of people into thinking it's a much better deal.

Both those services would add up to $156 (£130, AU$174) a year, making the rumored cost of the phone seem a bit lower at $844 (£770, AU$1,076). Whether or not Apple would continue the services for a second year (as most phone contracts are 24 months) is unclear though.

Plus Apple may decide to bundle in further services with this as well in the future, so perhaps it could give you a discount on the Apple Care subscription too.

None of this is certain at the moment, but adding in extra subscriptions to the iPhone 8 package would make it a lot more palatable when you're putting down such a large amount of money.

James Peckham

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