Facebook won't let you sell your granddad's whiskey collection

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Facebook and Instagram are cracking down hard on alcohol and tobacco, preventing private sales and imposing limits on brands on their respective platforms.

Both platforms are banning individual users from selling, trading or giving away any products, while alcohol and tobacco brands will have to mark their content as suitable for those over 18 years old, according to CNN.

Facebook is currently contacting admins of groups dedicated to selling and trading the newly restricted products, and any that don't comply with the updated rules will be deleted. Such sales are already banned on Facebook Marketplace.

Under the influence

Last month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent warning letters to four e-cigarette companies that paid social media influencers on Facebook and Instagram to promote their products.

Influencers aren't affected by the new rules and won't need to age-restrict posts about vaping, but a Facebook spokesperson told CNN that influencer policies might change in the future.

So where else can you sell your grandpa's single malt? It's technically possible to sell alcohol on eBay, but you'll need special permission in advance. In the US, eBay only allows the sale of wine – not hard liquor like whiskey,

You can sell alcohol on Amazon Marketplace in the UK (including hard liquor), provided you can make sure the buyer is 18 or older. US sellers can only list wine on Amazon, and again, only if they're pre-approved

Your best route is probably a specialty broker, who can make sure all the necessary laws are followed. They'll also be able to value your vintage bottles properly, and you can be assured your bottles are going to a good home.


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