How PC Plus magazine tried to kill off Tippex

Amstrad - now belongs to Sky
Amstrad - now belongs to Sky

PC Plus magazine has put its first full issue on line in Flash – providing plenty of amusement at Amstrad ads and a 'farewell to Tippex' feature.

PC Plus issue 3 – from December 1 1986 – is 'The magazine for Amstrad 1512 plus compatibles' and gives a glimpse into a world when computers weren't on every desk and Alan Sugar wasn't either a knight of the realm or handing out apprenticeships.

TechRadar, which like PC Plus is a Future Publishing title, also particularly likes the sheer quality of the drawing that went into making the PC Plus truck on pages 34/35.


"All the technology we have at our disposal makes it easy to become complacent," PC Plus' Richard Cobbett told TechRadar.

"Tools like Google Earth, our 3D graphics cards, and especially the Internet are all so amazing, we forget just how good we have it. We wanted to revisit the dawn of computing, where everything was shiny and new, and nobody knew exactly where it was going.

"By modern standards, these early word processors and games and hardware may be as primitive as cave paintings, but at the time, they were the future.

"It's fascinating to see just how far we've come, how these early ideas blossomed into the world we now take for granted, and in a few cases, just how little really has changed over the last couple of decades."

You can take a look at PC Plus #3 at

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