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Linux Format magazine is your number one source for Linux news, reviews and tutorials

Linux Format has been the UK's best-selling Linux magazine ever since it launched, and it has grown a lot more thanks to the help and guidance of the open source community.

While the Linux desktop has changed noticeably in the last eight years, Linux Format's mission hasn't: it stills aim to help people get the most from their Linux computer. That's why it prints a range of tutorials at different difficulty levels - whether you're just taking your first steps, already experienced with Linux and want to learn more, or just want to try new things every month, Linux Format has you covered.

Each issue of the magazine comes with a DVD packed with new Linux software to try out, along with the magazine's usual comprehensive coverage of the latest Linux news, reviews and tutorials. Plus, subscribers to the magazine get access to over 1300 PDFs of magazine tutorials from Linux Format back issues through its online subscriber-only area, and even get access to issues before they have been printed.

To find out more about the magazine or to join in one of the many discussions taking place right now, visit the Linux Format website.

If you've got a question about Linux, the forum experts will do their best to solve it - or if you want to start a friendly flame war, er, discussion, about your favourite distro, come on in!

Paul Hudson, Editor

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