Siri drops one last hint that it's coming to the desktop tomorrow

Siri on Mac
Siri is coming to the Mac at last.

WWDC 2016 kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco when Apple will be dropping all kinds of juicy news about updates to iOS, OS X, tvOS, watchOS and some of its hardware products. Now it looks like one of the biggest rumours is very likely to be confirmed on Monday.

Almost ever since Siri arrived on iOS we've been waiting for it to jump to OS X, and yesterday developer Brian Roemmele stumbled upon a mention of Finder in the voice-controlled digital assistant. Finder, if you don't know, is the file management system built into OS X on Macs.

"Siri has been responding to basic OS X top-of-navigation questions with answers like 'I need Finder to do that' or 'I can't find the Finder App'," reports Roemmele. Siri wasn't providing these responses a few weeks a ago, he says.

Speak up

The arrival of Siri on the desktop is hardly going to have Apple fans falling backwards out of their chairs in shock - it was rumoured in February, screenshots appeared last month and it just generally makes sense for Apple's all-powerful assistant app to be available on its desktop software as well as its phones and tablets.

Another whisper we've heard about OS X is that it won't be called OS X for much longer: apparently Apple thinks macOS is a much more suitable name, and it would certainly bring it into line with all the other software operating systems the Cupertino company develops.

So get ready to start running searches and booking calendar appointments using your voice on your Mac when the next version of OS X arrives (probably in September). Of couse we'll be bringing new all the news tomorrow as it happens from 6PM UK time or 10AM in California (depending on your time zone).

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