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Apple TV App Store evidence mounts with new iOS 6 Beta

Apple TV App Store evidence mounts with new iOS 6 Beta
Is Apple preparing to open the door for third-party apps on Apple TV

The newest iOS 6 Beta for the Apple TV set-top box allows app icons to be moved around the homescreen just like on the iPhone and iPad.

That has led some observers to conclude that the rumoured App Store for Apple's favourite 'hobby project' might be on the way sooner rather than later.

The current, paltry array of apps available on the device sure doesn't justify the repositioning of favourite content portals for easier access, as they're never more than about three moves away.

Should Apple open the door for third-party content, like the BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and 4oD and other apps we've seen on connected TV platforms, this functionality may come in handy.

Such a move could also give Apple a head start on content deals for the eagerly-anticipated, yet unconfirmed Apple iTV flatscreen set.

Familiar functionality

Just like the iPhone and the iPad, the new Apple TV functionality (currently only available to developers) makes the app icons wiggle when you want to move them around.

Users simply need to hold down the remote's centre button until the icon begins to shake and then it can be moved to wherever the user sees fit.

The functionality was spotted, on shot on video, by Check it out below.

Via: 9to5Mac